1. Contextual Statement

Name: Joanna Delgado Rueda

Current Position: Instructional Design Support Officer

Current Employer: Leeds Beckett University

Qualifications: BA Hons (French and Spanish), CELTA, MSc (Information and Library Management)

It was during my time studying for my MSc in Information and Library Management that I developed a real interest in using technology to enhance student learning experiences.

For my dissertation, I researched how librarians use (and don’t use) technology in their teaching roles. I became aware of just how many tools are available to teaching staff but I also realised that technology is still regarded with a certain amount of fear and trepidation by many individuals. I concluded that good management and training are key to encouraging the widest possible appropriate use of technology in teaching. I also noted the importance of successful knowledge sharing within organisations.

Shortly after completing my studies, I moved to work in the Distance Learning Unit at Leeds Beckett University. Here, I am able to use a wide range of learning technologies on a daily basis to support students and staff looking for the most effective way of delivering content. I am currently working on a research project into student engagement in online learning and feel that taking part in CMALT will help to provide me with different perspectives on this project.

Before working in instructional design, I was based in the Library at Leeds Beckett University and had the opportunity to support students on a daily basis. This role gave me a strong awareness of the challenges and stress facing university students.

I also draw on around 10 year’s of EFL teaching experience and therefore have insight into the role of teaching staff. I currently continue to teach EFL online alongside my role as Instructional Design Support Officer.

Why am I completing the CMALT accreditation?

I am always interested to learn about new ways of teaching, delivering content to students and engaging students more successfully. I believe that completing the CMALT accreditation will give me the opportunity to read more, engage with other members of the learning technology community and bring what I have learnt into my day-to-day work.